Creating the community we want to live in

The Social Bean makes coffee that creates perfect moments for our customers, and better futures for our employees. Our goal is to have a positive social impact on various marginalized communities globally, and advocate for people with developmental disabilities in Canada.

Our Team

Coffee can do more than just taste good. It can do real good in the community. Changing your everyday routine can change someone’s everyday life.

We provide high-quality job opportunities to Canadians living with physical and developmental disabilities.

When you remove opportunity barriers, you help people find more than just jobs. You help them find new social circles, new hope, and new independence.

Ethically Sourced

From Seed-to-Cup, we only use beans that promote sustainable agriculture and humane worker rights.

You can choose a better cup of coffee and you can choose to support a company that’s committed to helping create a better community and a better world.

Flexible Subscription Options

You can also have our premium-tasting coffee and flavours from around the world delivered right to your door with our coffee subscription service.

Design the perfect plan to fit your needs, or you can just try one bag today.

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